"Shaza and Jafar are truly marvelous.I am indeed very grateful and over the moon that I found them.They made me look stunning for my big day!They both put in a lot of time and effort into my treatments,they also made it really personal to help me,because they cared.
I have also always enjoyed Shaza's advice and wonderful tips.They are truly exceptional doctors and great people too.They provide personal service which would be difficult to find eslewhere.

Mrs D

"Have been coming to JR Medical for 9 years on regular basis.My skin has improved so much with the treatments that have been recommended for me.I have now made good friends with both doctors Jafar and Shaza and I have so much confidence with all their treatment and advise .I will continue to come once a month so that my skin stays the way it does right now.
Thank you very much for all what you do for me."


"I have known Drs Jafar and Shaza for 10 years now.From a young age I suffered from Acne and skin problems.Since coming to JR and recieving his non prescriptive treatments my Acne has cleared with no anti biotics.My Skin has made me more confidence which I am truly grateful for.I had permanent makeup with Shaza as well which I love .I continue working with them as they are both very preofessional and friendly.I would recommend them to all my friends and family."

Mrs R.H.C

"Jafar and Shaza are wonderful people .It is a pleasure and treat to come to their clinic.Everyone should have their own JR clinic in every town in this world.There would be lot of happy people if that was the case!"

Mrs S.H

"I am delighted with my eyebrows & my skin has greatly improved with microdermabrasion & vitamin c facials."


"Can't emphasis enough on how good they are .These doctors can make scars you never dream would disappear to disappear."


"Having never been to this type of clinic before,I was apprehensive to start with .I found the people here calm and explaining every thing thoroughly.I will definitively recommend this place and the doctors to friends and family and I would always save for treatments to come ."


"I visit 3-4 times a year ,they do great treatment at great prices .This is a very happy place to come to and you are made to feel like one of the family.I have stopped going to other places and I only come here now."

Mrs G .B

"It is so reassuring to attend a clinic where you can have complete confidence as you do with Drs Jafar &Shaza Rafiei.From the welcoming reception,always a smile and the offer for refreshments to the exemplary and extensive treatments in hygenic and stylish surroundings.We are fortunate indeed to have Harley Street Style clinic brought to Southend."

Mrs M.H

"I have been to so many clinics prior to coming to Dr Jafar and Dr Shaza for consultation.Unfortunately I had been significantly out of pocket so many times in the past without achieving no where close to results I was promised .This two doctors are very honest and genuine that they never give you false hopes.Many times they sent me back to home telling me "I don't need to do anything at the time!".They don't offer treatments only to make money and they don't look over done themselves.I don't go anywhere else .Thank you to team"


"I visit this clinic with my two daughters.Treatments are professional ,practiitoners are kind , helpful and attentive.The clinic is spotlessly clean and I could greatly recommend this clinic."

Mrs M.S

"JR Medical was recommended to me by a friend for receiving lip filler treatment. The quality of service I received was outstanding and I would highly recommend the clinic to everyone. The staff were very friendly and the doctors were highly professional. I was slightly nervous for my treatment but the doctor made me feel comfortable and at ease. I am really pleased with the result and I will be definitely going back for further treatment."

MariaFor Lip Filler

"Who needs risky face lift when doctors here can give you effective treatments like Botox and Dermal fillers which are as good.I am very impressed with results here as the doctors are very sensible and wise.They spread the treatments apart from each other which works very well both financially and in front of people as I work with lots of people being a shy and private person I did not want any over reaction from coworkers but from comments such as you look good or handsome or younger without being able to say I had filler or Botox ,I realize it is working discreetly and nicely."

Mr Handsome ;)

"Well,what can I say!The way the clinic runs is truly magical!You would never this type of service,care and attention that Jafar and Shaza provide.
To start with they are fantastic, inspirational who have started something which is truly wonderful and exceptional in this area.
They are both fantastic doctors with great sense of responsibility on their own acts and for their patients .Their team work and harmony is truly amazing and the amount of time they spend on each client is honestly not similar anywhere else.
It is truly a wonderful experience to have treatment here.
Thank you both so much ."

Miss D.K