My Co2 Laser Experience

My C02 Laser Experience

Hi, my name is Cheryl and for those of you who know me will know I work here at JR Medical. 

I thought it would be good to create a blog to tell you all my own personal experiences of having various treatments here. 

First of all, a bit about me and why I want various treatments. I first come to JR Medical as a client looking to have the 'Vampire Facial'. I had read lots about this treatment and I was intrigued by how it works. So after doing some research on the internet, I decided JR Medical was the best place to go. I liked the idea that your own Blood is taken and the good cells are injected back into the skin to help improve it.

When I had my Consultation with Dr Rafiei, he assessed my skin and advised that this wasn't the best treatment for me at this time as I had active spots, and this problem needed to be addressed first of all. However me being me, wanted to go ahead with it as I really wanted to have this done and it certainly wouldn't do any harm, Dr Rafiei was just advising me what would be best for me. I can confirm that he was right of course and I did later go on to have a course of Acne Meso to control my spots.

I have suffered from Acne on and off since my teenage years. The worst period for me being in my mid-twenties. Now whether you pick your skin or not (and I advise anyone not too) you will be left with scarring. This can look like you have spots as it can leave discoloured marks on your skin, or this can leave an uneven skin surface, from bumpy to pitted looks. None of which are nice. Even with clear skin and spots under control, this results in never having a clear complexion. As we age and our skins cell renewal process slows down and the elasticity slows down obviously it makes such problems look worse!

So now that I had my spots under control (barring the lovely monthly appearance of 1 or 2 here or there that is!), it is time to tackle the scarring!! And I have decided to be brave enough to undergo the Co2 Fractional Laser procedure. Working here means I get to see a lot of 'before' and 'after' results and also treatments being carried out, and having seen the results I was keen to have the go ahead.

Prior to treatment, there are some things you need to prepare, this includes a prescription for anti-biotic and an anti-viral tablet, which are started 2 days prior. And for afterwards you will need white vinegar, possibly some anti-histamines and creams that JR Medical can supply.

I come into my appointment making sure I had eaten and with no makeup on. I had my face cleaned when I arrived and a layer of numbing cream was applied with some clingfilm over the top, then had to wait for up to 1 hour for this to take full effect. I have to be honest and say I felt nervous while I waited and I am not a newbie to procedures, but I think its the unknown. Once my face was numb, it was wiped clean and a protective eye mask was applied. There are 2 machines that are switched on, one is the laser machine and then the other is a ventilating machine, both of which make noise, the ventilator is quite loud, so that combined with my eyes covered did indeed make me feel anxious. However, the Doctors are aware of such things and make you feel at ease, reassuring you and checking. The laser procedure took about 20 minutes. Although your face is numbed prior to treatment, this is to minimise discomfort as much as possible. The discomfort level will vary from person to person. You hear a beep when the machine is about to admit the laser and the sensation of this I found varies on different parts of the face. Where my acne scarring was bad it felt most uncomfortable and areas close to the bone (jawline). It can feel like pins/needles and you can feel the heat in more places than others. It could be described as a similar feeling to an elastic band hitting the skin. Of course, this is my experience, I have watched other clients have the procedure and not find it uncomfortable.

Once the procedure was over a thick layer of cream was applied all over. My skin started to feel as though it was very sunburnt and throbbing.  I was passed a fan to hold in front and was to stay until this feeling had settled. When you can bare for your face to not need the fan after about 5 minutes you can go.

Once home you need to make sure that a thick layer of cream covers for the face. That afternoon I can say that I felt exhausted! I can come to learn that this is very normal and common, your body has been through a trauma really so your adrenalin kicks in etc and this is what makes you feel so tired later on. That night going to sleep wasn't much fun. If you are happy to sleep on your back then you will be fine, however, I am a side sleeper and you have to avoid this while your face has all the cream on. So for the first couple of nights you need to get used to this, I did put a towel over my pillow as when you are asleep you can't help if you move at all.

The aftercare at home is different for everyone, as everyone's skin is different and the severity of treatment is different. The Doctors will keep in check with you and I sent pictures of my Face so they could check how it was going and advise what I should do. For the next 5 days, I would wash/soak my face with cooled boiled water and a tablespoon of white wine vinegar every morning and night. You can use gauze, for my lower face I would hold the bowl under my chin and squeeze the diluted solution over my face. After doing so a layer of the steroid cream is applied and then the Cicalfate/Bepanthen is applied. You need to ensure the skin is covered for a good 5/6 days. If it starts to get too dry it will feel tight and you know you need to apply more. I did venture out a couple of times as I needed to go to the shop and get my son to school. This is fine if you are comfortable to do so, but you must avoid the sunlight at all costs.

By day 6 I did not need to continue the washes, most of the scabbing has come away and I can see fresh skin which looks very pink and with no scars :) Tomorrow I will be able to apply my make up after my SPF50 which needs to be applied first of all every day. It's nice to see the fresh pink skin, I know this will take a while to settle and for the next 3 months, my skin will gradually keep changing.

I can't wait to see the final results!

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