Brown Spots on the Skin

Treatment for Sunspots & Brown Spots on the Skin in Southend-on-Sea, Essex at JR Medical

What are Sunspots?

Once the warmer weather arrives, unsightly brown spots, called sunspots, may appear on your skin in areas that are exposed to the sun. They are also sometimes known as liver spots but don't let that confuse you as they have nothing to do with the liver.

These brown spots are noncancerous and completely harmless and they don’t pose any risk to your health.

You may find that these brown spots are darker on your face and hands. This is due to the melanin intensifying under UVB light.

What Treatments are Available for Sunspots?

Prevention is always better than cure in this situation. Always wear a high factor sunscreen SPF of 30, 50 is better. Wear sunglasses and hats where possible.

For persistent spots that remain visible after the summer months have gone, a light-based treatment called IPL skin rejuvenation (Intense Pulsed Light) may be suitable for your skin. This treatment breaks up the melanin, via pulses of light energy, so that the spots appear lighter and skin tone evener. The added benefit of IPL treatment is that collagen production is stimulated enhancing your skin's overall appearance.

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