Carboxytherapy in Southend

Carboxytherapy (also known as carboxy therapy, carbon dioxide therapy or CDT) is the use of medical carbon dioxide administered with intradermal and subcutaneous inoculations for therapeutic purposes.

Carboxytherapy treatment can only be performed by medical professionals, using pure medical grade carbon dioxide. During the treatment, it is possbile to initially notice a "swelling" of the skin tissue, redness and warmth, which are signs of vascular activity of the gas. The treatment is absolutely safe for patients as carbon dioxide is non-toxic and it does not cause embolism. When using medical grade carbon dioxide, there are no known risks associated with carboxytherapy.

How does carboxytherapy work?

The procedure itself involves a series of tiny injections delivering very small quantities of medical grade carbon dioxide below the surface of the skin using a specially designed machine which controls the flow and the dose.

We breathe out carbon dioxide, plants breathe it in, then they breathe out oxygen, and we breathe it in. Carbon dioxide aids plants in healthy growth, which in turns supplies us with the oxygen we need to live. Carbon dioxide is a part of life itself.

Carbon dioxide has long been known to have healing properties. It can lead to improved blood circulation and lower blood pressure, and reverse medical conditions or physical "imperfections" associated with unhealthy blood circulation and pressure. Such imperfections caused by poor circulation as a result of a poor supply of oxygen include dark circles around the eyes.

Carboxytherapy works by deceiving the red blood cells in our body into collecting more carbon dioxide from the prescribed area to exhale through our lungs. This increases oxygen to the target area by increasing the blood cell activity, speeding up new cell production which heals and rejuvenates the area.

Carboxytherapy has proven to show significant results in treatment of dark circles around the eyes, stretch marks treatment, cellulite and even fat reduction if used as a course of treatment to tackle the issue.

It is also used to treat:

  • alopecia,
  • hair loss and hair thinning,
  • body and face contouring,
  • neck and decollete anti-ageing treatment,
  • psoriasis and eczemas,
  • vascular related treatment like sexual impotence and peyroni disease,
  • microcirculation stasis,
  • difficult wounds treatment,
  • tendinitis,
  • as well as vulvo vaginal rejuvenation.

Please be aware that unfortunately there is equipment on the market that would use non medical carbon dioxide with unregulated flow which could end up causing significant side effects rather than improving the pathology.

At JR Medical we are proud to use the highest standard, state of art medical grade carboxytherapy machine which only uses medical grade carbon dioxide. 


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