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Menopause Treatments in Southend-on-Sea, Essex at JR Medical

For those who had been through menopause or are just going through it, it is easy to explain and understand but those who luckily haven’t experienced it yet, need to have a heads-up on what to expect as managing the condition is easier to prevent rather than revert.

Menopause is a process that our body goes through that ceases menstruation in the body. This is something that can take place at any age, ranging from 45 - 55, sometimes younger, sometimes older but the average age is 51.

Before menopause, comes perimenopause. There is a drop in progesterone and then an oestrogen dominance in your system begins. Starting off with fatigue, heavier periods, worsening premenstrual tension and weight gain, perimenopause sets you up for later periods, becoming irregular and then halting to a stop. 

Menopause is defined as not having a period for over a year.

A lot of women who are going through menopause say that whilst they were having their menstruation period, it was so heavy and painful that they were always wishing for it to stop. But when it stopped, the other symptoms of menopause were so hard to experience that they wish they never hoped for it to stop.

Pause in your menstruation doesn’t mean a pause in life!

The problem with women going through menopause does not affect them only personally, on the contrary, the consequences affect partners as well as families.

Menopause has different stages and consequences which are beyond hot flashes and sweats. There are psychological symptoms, musculoskeletal, vaginal, bladder and sexual effects as well as long-term effects on bone and cardiovascular health.

Whilst HRT is a remedy to some of these symptoms, all can not be controlled! Moreover, some women can not tolerate HRT or are apprehensive about receiving it due to several reasons.

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At JR Medical we look at all aspects of women well being. We offer psycho-sexual counselling and treatment plan as well as recommending the right treatment protocol and if necessary bioidentical hormones and Femilift laser where applicable.

JR Medical is a clinic based in Southend-on-Sea, in Essex, with over 25 years of professional experience in the cosmetic industry. All treatments are administered by an experienced professional and include a free follow-up consultation to review your treatment as part of our ethically responsible service.

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