iPixel Co2 By Alma Lasers

iPixel Co2 By Alma Lasers


It’s not the first time for us with Co2 !

For those of you who had been with us since 2003 that JR medical started to operate ,you know that we had a few different Co2 lasers on offer and that was no matter what technology or treatment we used ,at some point we couldn’t achieve what we were looking for !

For example ice pik acne scars or loose sagging skin does not respond fully to anything except than fractional or full ablative Co2.

With state of art technology iPixel Co2 from Alma lasers ,we utilise so many different techniques in one simple procedure .

what should you expect ?

On the day of treatment  ,we ask you to come for your treatment showered and with no make up .We would then numb you with  a very strong local anaesthetic for 45 minutes and then take you to treatment room .Depending on wether we perform a full ablation or fractional Co2 ,you can feel some degree of discomfort which is tolerable .

What should you expect after treatment ?

Straight after treatment you will be feeling like a severe sun burn and you will look extremely red .We will then apply post treatment creams which help you sooth and calming down majorly straightaway.We will supply you with all your post treatment care that you would need and advise you on do’s and don’t.

For those of you who are prone to cold sores ,we will prescribe a preventive dose of antivirus tablets just to make sure you are on safe side . You shouldn’t take shower on the night of treatment but from next morning you can take a shower with Luke warm water .On the first evening ,the area of treatment will be sore and uncomfortable so we advise on taking pain killers to have a good night sleep .We also suggest on having anti histamine tablets ,which ever you normally take ,from the next morning .

The morning after the treatment ,the area would be extremely tight and scabby but not as sore .The secret behind successful treatment from this point onward  s lay in your hand rather than us as you have to use very thick layer of creams and oils to moisturise your skin .

On days 3 to 5 depending on the severity of the treatment we have performed ,skin would peel off from the scabs and red row skin would should from underneath .Bear in mind that keeping the skin moist and protected from the sun is very important for this treatment .

When would you see the result ?

Depending on the level of treatment the actual result could show from 1 month to 6 months later 

​How many sessions would you require ?

Depending on the severity of the problem and intensity of the treatment performed you might require from 1 to 4 session treatment .

Who would benefit from Co2 laser ?

Those suffering from severe acne scars ,diffuse lines and wrinkles ,severe sun damage ,loose and sagging skin ,stretch marks and a lot more other conditions which can not be addressed by other lasers or just filling them up would respond to this laser .

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