Permanent & Semi Permanent Makeup and Medical Tattooing

Permanent & Semi Permanent Makeup in Southend, Essex

permanent makeup

Many of us use cosmetics every single day and, without exception, all of us think we look better and feel more attractive wearing make up. From a simple lip gloss to a full face prepared, make up undoubtedly boosts our confidence.

When talking about permanent and semi-permanent makeup, many women worry that semi-permanent makeup will look dramatic and obvious. But with years of experience in the medical aesthetic and makeup industry, and having worked on different skin tones from Asian to European to African, these fears could easily be addressed by consulting Dr Rafiei.

Semi permanent makeup is a solution more and more women - and a growing number of men - are choosing to enhance their eyes, brows, lips and cheeks with a beautifully natural finish that can either compliment or completely replace the use of conventional make up.

In the medical profession too, surgeons and their patients are increasingly turning to the same micropigmentation or "medical tattooing" techniques of permanent makeup for areola reconstruction after a mastectomy, re-pigmentation after vitiligo, and scar camouflage after accidents and surgery. In fact, permanent makeup is now the beauty and anti-ageing industry's fastest growing market.

Put simply, semi permanent makeup - micropigmentation - infuses medical grade pigments into the skin's upper dermal layer to create beautiful make up effects that last a year before fading - effects that can be as subtle or as dramatic and glamorous as you wish. Eyeliner and eyebrow tattoos in Essex are becoming increasingly popular, and this has led to an increase of beauty salons offering cheap eyeliner and eyebrow tattoo services. It's important to ensure that the professional carrying out the procedure is an experienced professional with the artistic skill to create fabulous yet subtle make up effects that leave you feeling comfortable with your new look - and certainly do not leave you regretting the procedure!

permanent makeup

Imagine: What if you walked into a salon wanting Jennifer Lopez's eyebrows and came out with Ben Affleck's?

"The biggest risk in any cosmetic operation is disappointing results," says Dr Zwerling. "Get it right the first time because the chance of getting it right the second time is complicated, and it gets progressively more complicated after that."

At JR Medical, semi permanent makeup is done by Dr Shahrzad Rafiei, who has more than 15 years of experience in carrying out the procedure on different skin tones. She is a recognised member of American Academy of Micropigmentation and, during the consultation session, she will advise you of your possibilities.


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