Does My Mole Look Big In This?

Does My Mole Look Big In This?

We all know too well the feeling of ' does my bum look big in this'. That feeling of being self-conscious. They can be embarrassing, or hold our confidence back from how we present ourselves, to what we feel comfortable to wear.

Skin lesions such as moles, cysts and skin tags are a fairly common problem that can occur almost anywhere on the face and body. We understand that such growths can be unsightly, embarrassing – and painful if they regularly knock or rub against clothing or jewellery. While it’s relatively easy to keep them out of sight during the winter months, it’s hard to stay completely covered when the sun is shining and the temperature gets tropical. But there’s no need to hide away in the heat because of skin insecurities. We offer a variety of options, all entirely pain-free because of local anaesthetic which numbs the skin to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. The anaesthetic needle is very fine and isn’t painful but the anaesthetic fluid has a pH balance that slightly stings as it initially makes contact with the skin however this only lasts for a second. Typically the most common ways to remove a mole are through freezing, lasering or mole removal surgery and it’s strongly advised that home remedies and self mole removal creams are avoided because these can worsen scarring and potentially mistreat a skin cancer.

Ideally, the skin should be checked over every three months to look at existing and new moles paying close attention to any changes in size, shape, darkening of colour and size of 5mm or more. 70% of melanomas are new moles and suspicious ones will look different in appearance and stand out from all of the other which is reassuring to know as all of my moles have remained the same in appearance for years.

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