Adult Acne

Relieving Adult Acne

50% of people suffer from spots at some time in their adult life. For some, it’s a fleeting problem that passes on its own, but for others, it can be a persistent torment, that impacts their lives and results in low self-esteem and lost confidence.

Many people think that acne is a problem only suffered by the young. But this is not true. Adult acne is common among women going through menopause. Acne can also run in families, which means if your parents had acne, there is a chance that you'll also develop it, and it can happen at any age.

According to the NHS website:

"One study has found that if both of your parents had acne, you're more likely to get more severe acne at an early age. It also found that if one or both of your parents had adult acne, you're more likely to get adult acne too."

The great news is that you don’t have to suffer in silence. There are lots of ways to help relieve your acne and help get your clear, beautiful skin back again.

1: Don’t Over-Clean Your Skin

It’s not uncommon for people with acne to overcompensate and end up cleaning their skin too much. This can remove some of your skin’s natural, healthy oils and actually result in a worsening of the problem. Twice a day is more than enough, ideally in the morning and last thing at night.

2: Don’t Wear Too Much Makeup

We know it’s tempting to try to cover up your spots with makeup, but this can actually make your acne problem worse. Heavy makeup can clog your pores, increasing breakouts and preventing your skin from resolving the issue. If you must wear makeup choose lighter, water-based options, preferably ones designed for problem skin. Or a mineral brand.

3: Don't Squeeze Your Spots

As tempting as it might be, squeezing spots or trying to “clear out” blackheads can make the problem worse. It can spread the infection, damage the surrounding skin and even lead to long-term scarring.

4: Try To Eat Clean & Drink Lots Of Water

For some people, bad skin may be caused by something in their diet. Try to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables while limiting or avoiding any processed foods and dairy products. Good hydration is essential for healthy skin too. Aim for 6-8 glasses of water per day.

5: Have a Regular Skin Peel & See a Skin Specialist/Doctor

There are plenty of off-the-shelf acne treatments but many of them are ineffective and cause further problems. Consult a skin specialist on a product to use. Have regular chemical peels as they are the gold standard treatments to renew the skin, clean impurities and minimise the production of oil in the skin.

At JR Medical, we offer various treatments to combat your acne and get your skin back under control. If all fails then you need to see a dermatologist to who we will refer you.

JR Medical is a clinic with over 25 years of professional experience in the cosmetic industry. All treatments are administered by an experienced professional and include a free follow-up consultation to review your treatment as part of our ethically responsible service.

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