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ProLonĀ® Diet at JR Medical in Southend-on-Sea, Essex

What is the Prolon Diet?

ProLon® is known as a 5-day "Fasting Mimicking Diet". The ProLon diet is is a high-fat, low-calorie, plant-based diet made of natural, healthy ingredients which should be consumed over five days. During this period, your body remains in fasting mode because it does not realise that you are consuming the diet.

The ProLon diet uses mainly plant-based ingredients including fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, olives, chocolate and herbal teas. (Also contains honey and gelatin). The diet does not contain any additives or chemicals.

What are the Benefits of the ProLon Diet?

The ProLon diet is designed to provide a smaller percentage of your normal calorie intake. The daily calorific intake with ProLon is between 750 and 1,100 calories. This restriction of calories produces the same response within the body as traditional fasting methods. 

Studies have shown that fasting can have an overall positive effect on a number of health-related issues such as inflammation, cholesterol problems and fasting glucose levels.

The ProLon diet nourishes your body and supports overall health. The programme does not require ongoing lifestyle changes, such as long-term dieting. However, ProLon is not a "one-time cleanse" and should be used every few months to obtain optimal results.

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