My Weight Loss Journey

My Weight Loss Journey by Jan Harvey

In 2002 I stood on the scales and it said 12 stone 4. I was mortified, I had been kidding myself and was in denial I was around 2 stones lighter..everything was tight! I was pushing size 16 trousers with elasticated waists for my apple-shaped body! How did that happen?...

I had reached my jumping off point and was ready to take action, my long term goal being 9 stone and a pair of skinny hipster jeans with a tight white t-shirt and a nice belt. No more hiding in hoodies, they didn’t hide it anyway…or my fat round face!

I was overweight from age 7 to 13 weighing my age in stones for a few years, despite being a very active child and I just loved eating! My family cooked amazing big meals, cakes and treats and we were never hungry.

I lost weight as a teenager as mum took me to Slimming World and settled around 9 stone, did well at school, was in all the school sports teams and a county golfer. I ate healthily and adored food and nutrition studies, cooking healthy food and studied biology as I have always been interested in the human body. I did my A levels and went to work in a Japanese bank in the City and loved it. I was a member at Lindisfarne gym locally doing aerobics and the gym and Canons gym in London and went lunchtimes.

In my mid-thirties when my weight shot up from 5 years of poor lifestyle as a hard house DJ and producer travelling worldwide, binge drinking and eating all the wrong foods. No exercise. Awful diet. Dehydrated constantly. Suddenly 12 stone 4. Rock bottom mentally and physically. It was time for a change! 

I joined Garon's gym, Southend Leisure and Tennis Centre and started to lose weight but I went up and down as I was still eating a poor diet and drinking too much wine.

I tried toning tables, diets, not eating much then settled with low fat and generally healthy eating. I loved the gym. I got a job as a receptionist and then my journey into fitness started, Southend Borough Council kindly funded all my qualifications and I became a fitness instructor, personal trainer, studied nutrition, cardiac rehab level 4 coach, GP referrals, kids obesity – that was me, spin, boxercise, kettlebells, and then I became a lifestyle coach and health trainer, helping clients with motivation to change their lifestyles and achieve their eating and fitness goals. 

For the last 10 years, I have been a triathlete and endurance athlete, a marathon swimmer with several 10k races under my belt.  I love to swim, bike, run and being outdoors in the fresh air. I love walking too. I have competed in Ironmans, full and 70.3, Olympic and sprint distance triathlons and adore the sport. I have qualified to race for Great Britain at Olympic distance in the European and World Championships but put mental well-being and healthy body weight and shape ahead of all that. I neglected my health for many years and won’t be doing that again. It was mental torture being overweight for me personally. I love helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals and I am passionate about fitness. It’s such good fun and makes us feel good, from a short walk to a long run, exercise and staying active is the elixir of life.

As a middle-aged female, I have a lot of life experience good and bad around lifestyle, I can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle not by crash diets, the latest fads or starvation but by setting realistic short term and long term achievable goals around eating and activity that is specific to you.

I have been coming to Shaza and Jafar for many years for their wonderful treatments and trust them implicitly❤️ I am delighted to have been asked to be part of the JR Medical team to help clients with their lifestyle goals and motivation to be healthier and happier.

Many people have gained a few pounds during these last few months in lockdown. Our lives have changed dramatically in these difficult times and it’s almost like a reset button has been pressed, keeping us indoors with our close families and preventing us from rushing around too much, shopping, working, meeting people, packing far too much into our lives causing stress and anxiety. 

As lockdown gradually eases and we are able to go out again, it may be time to think about health and fitness goals and a good time for a new, healthier you ❤️

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