Brush Up Cellulite & Get Spring Ready!

Brush Up All Those Cellulite & Get Spring Ready!

Not All Calories Are Equal!

Spring Motivation

Hi ladies, I know it’s been an extremely tough 12 months, but the good news is Spring is almost here!

The daffodils and crocus flowers are peeping out from lush green grass and the snow has gone so it’s a good time to think about that spring wardrobe, sparkling smooth skin and healthy eating!

Everyone has had to change their life plans and adjust goals during the pandemic, my focus has been maintaining healthy body weight by eating nutritious food, most of the time, keeping active indoors using my own body weight, bands, dumbbells and a Swiss ball and trying to keep calm, difficult at times! I also have an indoor bike which is great and have been out walking in the fields as much as I can.

Here are a few tips to get you ready to sparkle in spring!

Stay hydrated

After a chilly winter lockdown with the heating on, it’s so easy to become dehydrated, making skin dull and our brains sluggish. Try to drink 2-3 litres of water a day, if you are not drinking any and I mean just water, try 3 large glasses a day, morning, lunchtime and evening. Do not drink sugar – sugary drinks, sweetened drinks, or fizzy water – fizzy water is carbonated which not only attacks the enamel on your teeth, it causes bloating. 

Body Brush

Buy a body brush and brush the whole body sweeping towards the heart, focus on cellulite, we all have it rough or uneven areas, ideally before your shower or bath. Don’t rub too hard as this will cause bruising, just enough to make the skin tingle and glow. Team up with a gorgeous smelling scrub in the shower or bath then massage in a luxurious cream to smooth those areas. Drinking lots of water will flush out the toxins disturbed by the brushing and flush them out. This will give you nice, shiny hydrated skin ready for shorts and spring clothing!

Healthy Eating and Weight Loss

If you want to lose a few pounds, dig out something you want to get into and hang it on the wardrobe where you can see it every day for motivation. Aim for 1-2lbs a week maximum, nice and steady is the key. 12 weeks is a good time frame to see a change. Weigh once a week naked before breakfast. You can measure yourself too – bust, upper arms, hips, thighs. Do this every 6 weeks. Check your body fat if you have those sort of scales but you can just pinch it to know where it is! If it’s more than an inch of pinch you may need to lose some.

Did you know 1lb of fat is 3500 kcals? 

To reduce 1lb of fat a week cut 500 kcals per day 
To reduce 2lb of fat a week cut 1000kcals per day

This can be done easily by making small changes eg daily biscuits with coffee, that cake or a bag of crisps or sweets. 

If you add them up over a year it’s shocking how many empty calories make us gain weight.

Small changes = big changes over time! 

Track and weigh your food

MyFitnessPal is a brilliant app and I have used to for 5 years, or a handwritten food diary is great too. Put everything in for a couple of weeks and see what you can take out eg if you are having a sugary snack every lunchtime, choc bar, cake, energy bar, that could be 500 calories every day you don’t need and that 1lb of fat…. Think of losing 1lb every week just by taking out that one thing, the huge effect it would have over 52 weeks! There is always a healthy option to replace it but try to be mindful – am I hungry, do I need that or is it just mood eating?


That word again! Am I hungry? Genuine hunger is unpleasant – I feel lightheaded, grumpy, queasy… I should eat then. Is it a craving? Did you know a craving lasts 20 minutes and is for something specific… have a drink of water, tidy a drawer, go out for a walk… if it’s still there then eat something healthy. Remove those temptations and don’t buy them, most of the time. Think about your meals for the week, plan ahead, have healthy snacks in the fridge. Planning is the key.

Not all calories are equal!

We want to feel satisfied with our meals and not constantly thinking about food. Starvation diets lead to binging and are a terrible idea. We want a nice balanced diet to keep our blood sugar steady throughout the day, our brain alert and have plenty of energy. The worst and least filling calories are from sugar. Table sugar, sweets, biscuits, energy bars, and too much fruit! Sugar releases its energy super fast leaving us feeling lethargic and low, it can cause anger too. Try to avoid it as much as possible and limit yourself to 3 pieces of fruit a day, never drink fruit as it’s pure sugar and try to fill up on colourful veggies and salads. 

Sweeteners are a substitute or stepping stone and should be used sparingly as they massage a sweet tooth! Try to reduce them if you can, they’re full of additives too….

When you start tracking your food, you will start to see what your macros look like – protein, carbohydrate and fat. Everyone is different. What works for me is around a third of each macro so 30% carbs, 30% healthy fats, 30% protein. Start reading all the labels on foods and try to go for less than 5 grammes per 100 grammes for total fat and carbohydrates. Fats are filling and can be nutritious but very energy-dense so watch the portion sizes! 

I hope this gives you some motivation for the next few weeks!