Botox it or Notox it!

Botox it or Notox it!

Although Botox had been in the aesthetic industry long enough to prove its efficacy, there are still those out there who question its safety on the human body.

Well, their argument normally starts with the fact that Botox is a toxin derived from Botulinum toxin which even in small quantities can cause toxicity to humans causing paralysis or death! 

I can not argue with that, as it is fact-based. But! It is actually only a part of the truth and not all of it. Botox is really obtained from Botulinum toxin but it had a pharmaceutical use and was used in treating a lot of eye conditions and even treating other medical conditions long before it was used to treat lines and wrinkles, therefore, we could say it is safe to be used on the human body and for medical conditions. 

The History of Botox 

When it comes to its use in aesthetics, as it had already been used on the human body safely before it was deemed safe to use in other areas of the human body with other purposes as well. The only thing would be, would you trust your eyes or your uterine or other parts of the body to be treated by medication or injection by a non-medic or someone who hasn’t got enough experience to treat you or not? Your answer to this question would then determine the safety of Botox in aesthetics.

It then comes to products and medications which are all used under the flagship of “BOTOX “ but are not really BOTOX as Botox is a brand of Botulinum toxin produced by Allergan pharmaceuticals and the one with the longest history in the aesthetic industry.

What does Botox actually consist of? 

In layman’s language, the molecules of Botox are different to ones from other brands. Here, I am not arguing if it is better or not as it would fall under another argument, but it has been the longest in the market and it is dearer to prescribe in the first place so you should expect to pay more if your receive original Allergan Botox.

Be sure to do your research

Now you know that you are dealing with a product that is not a cream or a mask, in contrary it is a very sensitive medication which can come in different brands with different price brackets, so it would be up to you to choose whether you want your body to be treated by a medication by a non-medic or a medical practitioner with enough experience to know how to handle both the medication and the condition .

An aesthetic physician is a doctor who is trained and experienced in using medications and devices to treat your aesthetic concerns.

To sum it up, Botox is safer in the hands of a doctor who knows the anatomy of the physiology of the treatment area very well and has enough information about different medications and brands available and would be able to use his or her own judgment to treat or not to treat a patient.

Please inquire about the credentials of your practitioner and his or her experience. Then make sure you know which brand is injected to you and check your vial.

At the end make sure you go to a doctor who is accessible as and if things went wrong.

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